Constructive details

WOOD DECK ON CONCRETE BASE: constructive details

In this post you will find some construction detail of a wood deck, with the specification of materials and dimensions.

Wood deck construction on concrete base

Step 1

Organize the reinforcement of the concrete.

frame for the concrete base that will receive the wood deck
Picture 1

Legend of picture 1

1 – Steel mesh for concrete reinforcement

2 – Compacted soil

Step 2

Fill the space between the steel reinforcement and the compacted soil with a layer of gravel mixed with concrete (cement, sand and water).

detail of the concrete base for the wood deck installation
Picture 2

Legend of picture 2

3 – Gravel ballast with concrete

Step 3

Create a drain for rainwater at the lower elevation of the surface, and fill the area with lean concrete to finish the concrete base.

drain on concrete base for wood deck installation
Picture 3

Legend of picture 3

4 – Lean concrete

5 – Plastic drain for water drainage

Step 4

Locate the wooden rafters on the concrete base, parallel to each other at the distance of 40 cm from the axis. The rafters can be either just laid on the ground (for easy removal) or fixed to the concrete.

WOOD DECK ON CONCRETE BASE: constructive details

Next, fix the wooden deck boards perpendicular to the rafters with screws.

wood deck on concrete base
Picture 4

Legend of picture 4

6 – Wooden rafters

7 – Wooden floor boards

The picture 5 below shows the plan view and cross-section details of the wood deck on a concrete base.

constructive detail of the wood deck section over a concrete base
Picture 5 – Constructive detail of the wood deck section over a concrete base

Legend for the deck materials in picture 5

1 – Compacted soil

2 – Steel mesh for concrete reinforcement

3 – Concrete

4 – Wooden rafters

5 – Wooden floor boards

6 – Steel screw

7 – Hole cover

8 – Finishing boards

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