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MaNi sketcher

MaNi sketcher means:

Ma = Matteo / Ni = Nigro / sketcher

Hi. I am Matteo, an architect with the passion for hand drawing.

With my work, I help people visualize their dream projects through the art of drawing.

I am Italian, originally from the beautiful region of Puglia, but I live most of the year in northeastern Brazil, where I develop my freelance drawing, architecture and landscape projects.

You can see my Linkedin resume here.

In this website, I present my work and show the world of architecture and landscape through hand illustration. 

MaNi sketcher - hand drawing with pencil and fineliner

My specialization focuses on the visualization of architecture and landscape, especially at the initial stage of creating the design idea, in which, through the technique of freehand sketching (black and white or color), the various construction, architectural, vegetation and background elements are inserted directly into the perspective to create the compositions in the built space.

Hand made sketch of historical center in Ceglie Messapica, Puglia, Italy

In addition to design work, as an urban sketcher, I create artistic perspectives of cityscapes using mixed techniques mostly with graphite, fineliner, and dry softpastels.

MaNi sketcher
Website structure

As you browse this website, you will find a section with illustrations of architecture, landscape and urban space projects, where my work is actualized.

Another section full of illustrations of urban landscapes that portray the cities I pass through and that inspire me to draw. Some of these illustrations are available as prints on different products.

A section with a proposal to research the possibilities of visual composition using an abstract language, creating zentangle-inspired drawings that can be a starting point to begin a figurative project of architecture and landscape.

And the most important part of this site is my blog, in which I write and illustrate on various topics related to architectural and landscape illustration, such as the process of representing projects and construction details.

Matteo Nigro
Matteo Nigro

Here you can see my portfolio with illustrations and other artwork.


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