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Landscape illustration service – hand drawings

Here you can request a landscape illustration service or landscaping design illustration, giving concrete form to your project.

New project or renovations: gardens, parks, sidewalks, squares, streets, etc.

Landscape illustration service
Landscape illustration service

I am Matteo Nigro, an architect with a passion for drawing.

I will make a perspective illustration of the cityscape, neighborhoord, street, garden, park, etc.

The drawing is hand-made with graphite, ink fineliner and soft pastels, than scanned with a good image quality.

You need to provide a description of your idea with a landscape plan, or sketch, or render, or photo.

3 Formats

You can order the illustration in one of these formats:

BASIC – small scale. Simple lines and few shadows.

STANDARD – medium scale. Color image with some textures and shadows.

PREMIUM – medium/big scale. Quite detailed full of colors, shadows and textures.

Landscape illustration service
Landscape illustration service

Please, contact me first, so that we can understand exactly what kind of work you need. Click on the button below and you’ll be directed to the platform where you can chat with me and attach images of your project idea. Thank you!

landscaping project
How it works

1 – Share your idea: Start by giving us details about your project. We want to fully understand your vision and requirements.

2 – Initial sketch: I’ll create an initial sketch based on the information you’ve shared. It will serve as our starting point. You will receive this sketch to get your feedback and make any necessary changes.

3 – Collaborative refinement: Your opinion is key! After receiving your feedback, we will refine the sketch together until it perfectly aligns with your vision. This ensures that we are on the right track.

4 – Detailed development: Once the initial sketch has been approved, we refine the design by adding more details. Throughout this stage, I’ll keep you updated, allowing you to follow progress closely.

Your satisfaction is paramount: Our goal is your total satisfaction. By involving you in the process and incorporating your feedback at every stage, we guarantee a final result that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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