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Construction details drawings service – architecture and landscaping

Do you need accurate and professional construction details drawings for your projects? Look no further! I specialize in creating detailed drawings with precise dimensions and material specifications to bring your architectural and landscape visions to life.

construction details drawings with dimensions and materials
Construction details drawings

You can choose an architectural, interior or landscaping element to detail. With the drawings I will produce, you will be able to build any component because they are complete with dimensions and material specifications.

I will represent the details in 2D with sections and floor plans, but also in 3D isometric perspectives.

What I offer

Construction details drawings: You will receive meticulously crafted construction drawings that illustrate every intricate detail of your project.

Precise dimensions: Ensure the accuracy of your designs with drawings that feature precise measurements, facilitating flawless execution on site.

Material specifications: Get a complete breakdown of materials needed, which will help with cost estimating and procurement.

Architectural expertise: Benefit from my architectural background, which brings an eye for design and functionality to your construction details.

On-time delivery: I understand the importance of deadlines. Your detailed drawings will be delivered in a timely manner.

construction details drawings with dimensions and materials, of a concrete sidewalk
Construction details of a concrete sidewalk
Construction details drawings of a grass and concrete floor

Contact me first so we can understand exactly what kind of work you need. Click on the button below and you’ll be directed to the platform where you can see the cost of the service and chat to me about your project idea. Thank you!

construction details drawings with dimensions and materials, of a drainage floor
Construction details drawings for a drainage floor

About me

I am Matteo Nigro, an architect with a passion for drawing! 15 years of experience as architect, artistic illustrator and technical draftsman. Specializing in hand drawing and hybrid techniques, I bring creativity, precision, and expertise in construction detailing to every project. My focus includes illustrations of environments, landscapes and detailed architecture/interior design, enhancing each project with a unique blend of art and technical know-how. Are you ready to turn your ideas into eye-catching images? Let’s discuss your project and bring your vision to life through drawings!

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